Just a few things.


I am a unicorn! Well, maybe not quite yet. I would like to be a unicorn. After all, I love things equine.
Yes, I do ride. Mostly basic dressage/flatwork and trails right now.

I am currently a CodeCore student and am based in Vancouver, Canada. I focus on front-end design and development.


View my resume (but not yet).

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Various JS frameworks
  • Photo and video editing
  • Compact and takes little space

Fun facts about myself!

  • The species of my best friends are horses, computers and the world wide web.
  • Purple is my favourite colour
  • I have an English degree from Simon Fraser University and I'm still not exactly sure why...
  • I use an Olympus micro four thirds camera (an old PEN one).


That I would have for sale if I was a better business woman.

Cards? Prints?

Techie Things

Things I made! Some little projects to go here.




I don't really update it...


jen at

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