The Social Hoops of Interviewing

I’ve really only had one or two mock interviews but it feels like I’m being dragged through these social hoops I’m somehow supposed to jump through. Except I don’t. I trip and stumble through them and miss a whole bunch of them. I am clumsy at navigating this space and nothing wants to move. My timing is off and I could hear the hoops clattering to the ground.

In other words, it’s awkward.

I tried a mock interview today but it was slightly hampered by my lack of good mood (I had a headache. I thought it would go away overnight but I woke up in the morning and it See the rest of the post →

So, I have done nothing…

Haha. I haven’t written here in over a month.

Why? Because I was madly busy of course. Well, actually not of course. It feels like I have simply done nothing over these past couple of weeks.

Each day just ebbs and flows one day to another, with little distinction. Sundays and Wednesdays are the only days with any distinction. But those are the only two days of a seven day week. The rest goes by in a cloud of stagnancy (one of the many words that I cannot seem to say but can totally write about).

Nothing ever seems to quite happen. People only answer emails initially and when it See the rest of the post →

Helen Lawrence: a live film

My mom managed to get tickets to Helen Lawrence (Arts Club) so we went to that. It’s a live um…film. I would even hesitate to call it a live theatre-film hybrid because with the use of projections to project the black and white film and its virtual sets…the cinema completely overwhelms the live action (in a blue cube…basically a green screen except its blue). Titles and transitions were a good use of the visual medium but having a live film superimposed of a live theatre performance (with a completely confusing plot) was distracting I found…who are you supposed to look at – the actor on stage or the same actor See the rest of the post →

Ice Dancing is like the Dressage of skating

I’m starting to think that Ice Dancing is like the dressage of figure skating. Sure, there’s no horses in ice dancing (or I hope not) but I think there are many similarities in the two sports (ice dancing/dressage) within the two disciplines (skating/equestrian).

Here’s why

  • Most ice dancers start out in another discipline – single figure skating and/or pairs. Likewise, most dressage riders start or have at least dabbled in jumping (I suppose it is possible to switch from Western but it seems less common – that would be more like someone switching from speed skating or hockey to ice dance…).
  • Ice dancing does not have jumps or throws (says
  • See the rest of the post →

Onto the great new era

But is it?
That’s the thing. I don’t know.

Slowly, the wheels of the world are starting to turn. Around me, things are starting to change.  It’s now 2014. It’s now the Year of the Horse in the lunar calendar. Does that mean anything? (Better not be death horse either….since despite my terrible Asianness ).

But I don’t know that is good. I don’t know if it’s bad. I don’t know if it’s the beginning. I don’t know if it’s the ending. Still drifting in the endless pit of uncertainty where sometimes, everything is possible and sometimes everything is impossible.

I took  a step in the right direction this week See the rest of the post →

Czar Video

Czar – encased in light from Jen on Vimeo.

I’ve known him for 7 years. I may not have ridden him during that time, but I know he was always there. But now, I’ve moved onto a school horse at another barn (same coach). I will miss him. I do miss him.

He’s 26-27 in the video (except for older stills). Footage from 2013 and Jan 2014. I don’t ride him anymore…I tried but he was still wasn’t sound enough.

This one is different as it’s not a riding video! (I don’t have much riding footage anyway…no one to take it!) Last year (and this year) I spent some See the rest of the post →