About Me

My name is Jennifer but I declared myself Jennego at age 3, not knowing how useful it would be online but there must be an entire city of Jennifers out there. I use both Jen and Jennifer interchangeably, depending how many letters you want to use.

I am a web developer, equestrian and geek. I love purple, ponies, photography and programming (well, okay mostly JavaScript).

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC - I moved in 2018 and currently live on Vancouver Island.

Grade school was nothing to write home about (unless you want an opinion about special ed) so we'll gloss over that that. I have an BA degree in English from Simon Fraser University (2013) and am a CodeCore Developer Bootcamp graduate (2017). I'm not sure why I have an English degree myself - it just sort of happened.

Surprisingly despite being a developer (and being Asian AND neurodiverse), I still manage suck at math. Also, despite having an English degree, I manage to suck at spelling - oh I know when I word "looks" wrong or right, I just can't seem to come up with it. See? Crushing stereotypes with a lack of aptitude. Amazing.

My hobbies include horseback riding (dressage), researching random things and sometimes, I make things. Not like physical things. Physical inanimate objects have some sort of plot against me - I can literally have things break doing nothing. I make virtual things, they seem to behave slightly better.

I am one of those people have half a dozen hobbies and all of them expensive and pretty much none of the lucrative. I dabble in photography, video and other stuff.

You can also sometimes find me on these games

  • Star Stable Online (Cupcake Valley, Mira Purplewater)
  • Howrse (International, Jennego)
  • Topps' Disney Collect (JENNEGO)
  • NeonMob (Jennego)